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Sex Crimes



LHJ LAW handles the following types of charges in this category, including but not limited to:

* Sexual Battery

* Lewd and Lacivious

* ...and others.


The charges, and consequently the possible sentences, under this category vary greatly.  In cases where the alleged victim is an adult, the use of forensics and the debate about the credibility of the accused versus the alleged victim tends to dominate this area when developing a defense.  When someone is accused of hurting a child, however, society rarely gives the accused the benefit of the doubt; it is human nature to want to believe a child.  Nonetheless, allegations made by children, and the circumstances surrounding their statements, need to be evaluated in defending these types of cases.  Legal representation is critical in this category of charges because even if a child or adult victim later recants his/her statements, once the wheels of the criminal justice system begin turning, forceful diligence is needed to stop them.


Since the facts of a particular case impact the type and severity of the charge(s) as well as the sentencing options, specific legal and strategic concepts that impact a particular case should only be obtained through consultation with an attorney.