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LHJ LAW represents clients with all types of criminal charges.  In doing so, the evidence of each case is closely analyzed in preparing the strongest and most viable defense approach.  The strengths and weaknesses of the government's evidence, in combination with any evidence secured by the defense, are skillfully assessed to provide clients with an optimal strategy to defeat the criminal charges.



All cases involve obtaining and analyzing evidence to prepare a defense for a client.  There are many defense concepts that may be utilized in a client's case.  However, certain concepts may be used in some types of cases more than others.  Regardless of these generalities, a defense strategy should always be built on the unique facts of a client's case.  We handle all types of criminal charges.


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While people can be charged with the same type of offense, no two cases are exactly alike.  We take the same methodical approach to every case.  Every effort is made to: (1) obtain all of the facts wherever they may be found, (2) evaluate the facts to see how they can be tied to the law, and (3) identify and select the defense(s) best suited for a client based on the aforementioned. 


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