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If you or someone you care about has been charged with a State or Federal* criminal offense, it was probably unforeseen, very emotional and, without question, very concerning.  At LHJ LAW, criminal defense is the premier area of legal representation. The goal of the office is to erase or minimize the impact of being pulled into the criminal justice system - in other words, to be your advocate in adversity.


LHJ LAW has litigated numerous felonies, misdemeanors, bail bond motions, violations of supervision, traffic offenses, and asset seizures/forfeitures. No case is too large or too small. Clients are represented from as early as the investigative, pre-arrest stage up through jury trial and verdict. LHJ LAW is also hired to petition the court to seal/expunge old cases.


LHJ LAW believes it is always better to be proactive than reactive. During the investigative stage, efforts are made to communicate with the investigating agency and the prosecutor’s office. Early intervention gives clients an opportunity to be heard while under the protection of counsel. The goal is to avoid or minimize charges. As a case progresses, a client of LHJ LAW is advised of what is happening in his or her case and why. Clients receive written and/or telephonic updates regarding court hearings and other key developments. Clients are encouraged to contribute to the strategic planning of their defense. They are provided copies of the government’s reports so they can utilize their personal knowledge to help evaluate the accuracy of the information. Clients are asked to provide their own event narratives so LHJ LAW can more effectively engage the prosecutor and the government’s witnesses. Clients are advised of the various legal and factual arguments available for defending their cases.  Clients are never forced to “plead out”; LHJ LAW is never afraid to go to trial.


The need for criminal defense representation may not coincide with financial liquidity.  LHJ LAW therefore offers complimentary initial consultations and tailored payment arrangements as needed.  A client's fee is determined by more than just the severity of the charge(s) or the number of counts; the facts of the case are also considered because no two cases are exactly alike.


LHJ LAW travels throughout the State of Florida representing clients charges with serious criminal offenses.  Additionally, the clientele of LHJ LAW reflects the racial, ethnic and national origin diversity of the State of Florida.  Whether a person is Caucasian, African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Native American, or from any other ethnic or racial background, no one wants to feel that justice was not served in his or her case.  In times of adversity, every individual wants, needs, and deserves an advocate.


* For Federal cases, contact LHJ LAW.