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Property Crimes



LHJ LAW handles the following types of charges in this category, including but not limited to:

* Burglary (dwelling, structure, conveyance)

* Grand/Petit Theft

* Grand Theft Motor Vehicle

* Dealing in Stolen Property

* Arson

* Criminal Mischief

* Trespassing

* ...and others.


The charges, and consequently the possible sentences, under this category vary greatly.  With property crimes the approach is often examining and challenging the means by which law enforcement identified the client.  For example, it is important to question and evaluate any forensic evidence that ties the client to the scene.  Possession of stolen property does not necessarily mean the client stole an item or knew it was stolen.  Law enforcement may not be inclined to give the accused the benefit of the doubt when the victim wants the satisfaction of an arrest.


Since the facts of a particular case impact the type and severity of the charge(s) as well as the sentencing options, specific legal and strategic concepts that impact a particular case should only be obtained through consultation with an attorney.