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Crimes of Violence



LHJ LAW handles the following types of charges in this category, including but not limited to:

* Murder/Homicide (incl. Attempted)

* Armed Robbery/Robbery

* Carjacking

* Kidnapping/False Imprisonment

* Aggravated/Abuse (Child or Adult)

* Aggravated/Assault

* Aggravated/Battery/Assault on Law Enforcement

* Obstructing or Opposing an Officer

* Domestic Violence

* ...and others.


The charges, and consequently the possible sentences, under this category vary greatly.  Defenses will also vary based on the charge.  For example, an individual may be facing the charge of aggravated battery when, in fact, the alleged victim was the instigator and called the police as a way to get even.  The issues of self-defense or the defense of others may become the heart of the defense strategy.  In another situation, an individual may be over-charged; e.g. a minor battery is charged as an aggravated battery, or an aggravated battery is charged as an attempted murder.


Since the facts of a particular case impact the type and severity of the charge(s) as well as the sentencing options, specific legal and strategic concepts that impact a particular case should only be obtained through consultation with an attorney.