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~ Strategically defending clients with serious, complex criminal charges in Florida since 1997. ~

Welcome to LHJ LAW...
LHJ LAW is a boutique law office where criminal defense is the premier area of legal representation.  Leveraging years of experience on both the prosecution and the defense sides of the aisle, we take a results-oriented approach to representing clients from as early as the investigative stage up through jury trial and verdict.  While we focus on defending clients with serious, complex felony offenses, we also handle basic misdemeanor charges.  We believe that clients benefit from partnering with a law office that handles a specific area in the legal industry just as they benefit from partnering with a professional services business in any other industry where skill and experience are the result of devotion to a singular mission.
LHJ LAW was established in 1997.  During our many years of service, we have assisted hundreds of clients successfully navigate the criminal justice system and resolve criminal allegations against them.  Over this period of time, we have developed long-term relationships with our clients and they have with us.  We appreciate the many referrals we receive from current and past clients.  We believe those referrals confirm that clients value our approach and our results to the extent they share with others the benefits they experienced in partnering with LHJ LAW.

Exclusive Service

LHJ LAW prides itself on providing personalized and attentive service to every client and has consciously structured its business in a streamlined manner to successfully accomplish this objective.  We view a client as not simply a file or a fee, but an individual with a vested interest in the outcome of the case and its impact on his or her future.  A client can rest assured that the attorney hired is the same attorney who will handle his or her case in and out of the courtroom.  Clients are apprised of significant events in their cases and are welcome to communicate with our office whenever they have any questions or new information.

Client Collaboration

We believe the information and opinions that clients possess are invaluable to the process of representing them.  For this reason, clients are encouraged to contribute to the strategic planning of their defense.  A client is involved in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the case as well as assessing the pros and cons of various defenses.  Our intent throughout the entire process is for a client to understand that he or she is a valued and informed participant, and not simply a naive bystander observing the case pass through the judicial system.  We have found that this collaborative approach leads to a greater sense of client satisfaction.

Financial Accessibility

We understand that the need for criminal defense representation is often unexpected and, therefore, may not coincide with financial liquidity.  A fee is thoughtfully set based upon the facts of a situation and the work involved as well as the skill, experience, and personalized service that is provided by LHJ LAW.  Complimentary initial consultations are offered to prospective clients.  Tailored payment arrangements are established as appropriate.

Geographical Proximity

LHJ LAW is located in the heart of Downtown Tampa.  Our central location enables us to efficiently serve clients throughout the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida. We have found that clients are primarily interested in selecting an attorney with whom they are confident and comfortable, even if that attorney is not in the same county.  We have therefore traveled to various locations in the State of Florida in order to defend clients with serious, complex criminal cases.

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